Windows & Doors Panel


The performance of glazing and doors can have a significant effect on the overall energy performance of a building. We also ensure that all windows, door and panels are adequately sealed to achieve the required airtightness standards for an A3 Building Energy Rating (BER).

While double glazing has been a standard requirement for some time, additional improvements to energy efficiency in this area can be achieved by using low-emission glass coatings, highly insulating argon gas in the glass cavity, and by paying special attention to the window frames. The thermally insulated double glazing products which we use, supplied by industry leaders such as Velux, offer simply unbeatable U-values to help achieve our A3 BERs.


All our timberframe houses are fitted with high performance, energy-saving hardwood doors which totally eliminate air and water penetration, while maintaining the necessary security and visual appeal that your house door must obviously provide. With dual draft-proofing using two seals around the door, and water-resistant seals, even the four-point locking mechanisms within these doors help compress the door when closed for maximum insulation.

Velux windows and doorsUsing carefully selected timber for our doors and window frames, such as Nordic Pine, we deliver naturally strong and secure but versatile solutions, fully finished with moisture-permeable water-borne stains. All doors and windows are installed in line with your customised requirements, and painted in accordance with your preferences also.

Solar Heating Panels

Velux solar panelsAt Kilbroney Timberframe we use Velux solar panel technology to harness the natural energy of the sun in order to provide much of your home's energy, drastically reducing your energy bills while helping cut your household's CO2 emissions. A stylish Velux solar hot water system can provide up to 70% of your home's hot water requirements.

By using renewable energy sources such as solar power to provide heating within your highly insulated and airtight timberframe home, you have taken a huge step towards the ideal of a passive solar home, which achieves amazingly high energy performance through design.