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Rastrick, Brighouse - Yorkshire

Rastrick, Brighouse.

Kilbroney have recently returned from the heart of West Yorkshire, England where we supplied and erected a new home. Our clients contacted us looking for a home that was warm, affordable and fundamentally quick to build. Taking onboard all their needs and wants we were able to develop the following specification that met their needs. Kilbroney went to England and were home again within 3 days, with the timber frame home supplied and erected in a speed that impressed our clients.

Project Specification

External Wall Insulation: Insulated with 140mm frame therm between studs, and 40mm therm rigid PIR insulation board on the face of the studs. This provides an ‘A’ rated wall with a U-value 0.18 wm²k.

Internal Wall: Insulation Insulated with 100mm Earthwool ecose acoustic between studs.

Perimeter Insulation : Insulated with 25mm Therm rigid PIR insulation board at first floor level.

Ceilings: Insulated with 150mm of loft roll between joists, and 150mm of loft roll on top of the joists. 25mm therm rigid PIR insulation board below the joists. This provides an ‘A’ rated wall with a U-value 0.12wm²k.

Sound Insulation: In order to minimise sound there is 150mm Rockwool within the first floor.

Roof: On the roof we used breathable roofing felt, to felt and lath the roof preparing it for the slates or tiles.