Recent Projects

Katesbridge, Co Down

Kilbroney timber frame LTD has recently undertaken the construction of a new highly insulated timber frame house in Katiesbridge, Co.Down. Kilbroney timber frame are providing a full water proof package including timber frame kit, roof covering, windows, insulation and plasterboard. This made the project easy to manage. As a direct result this saved on extra costs as there was no need for an outside 


Project Specification

Using are long-standing experience and practiced knowledge of timber frame construction we designed are offices using the following products and building techniques to achieve an environmentally friendly building which requires little or no conventional heating at all!

External wall Insulation   
Insulated with 150mm Fibre wool and 40mm PIR rigid board fitted on the inside of the studwork. U-value of 0.18 wm²k.

Internal Wall Insulation
Insulated with 100mm fibre wool to provide great acoustic values.

First Floor Insulation
Insulated with 150mm Rockwool fitted in between the joists to create a sound break.

Ceiling Insulation 
Insulated with 150mm loft wool insulation fitted in between joist, 150mm loft wool above the joists and 25mm Insulation below joist. U-value 1.3 wm²k.

To match are highly effective timber frame walls we fitted Black PVC double glazed with a U-value of 1.2  wm²k. The future proof window has foam fill frames and a wider cavity to increase the windows performance.