Recent Projects

Burren, Co. Down

The client for this house in Burren, Co. Down wanted a house that was well insulated and quick to build. Taking this into consideration we developed a package that would meet our client's needs allowing him to build the home he desired. 

Speciation is as follows:

External Wall Insulation:

Insulated with 140mm Frametherm and 40mm PIR rigid board fitted on the inside of the studwork. This provides an 'A' rated wall with a u-value of 0.15


Internal Wall Insulation

Insulated with 100mm Earthwool ecose acoustic between studs to provide great acoustic values.


Ceiling Insulation 

100mm Therm Ridid PIR Insulation Board between rafters and 40mm Therm Rigid PIR Insulation Board on rafters. Overall ceiling U-value 0.12 wm²k.


The client choose Black PVC Future proof for all windows and external doors which achieves a U-value of 0.7